Wining and Dining Your Clients? Better Follow the Rules!


We al like to make a good impression. Especially when it comes business dinners.

Wining and dining our clients, partners, friends and family, is deeply enrooted into our culture, so why not learn a few simple etiquette tricks to make the experience complete?

So here a re a few tips for your dining out:

  1. Dress nicely

True, we are now much more causal than we used to be even ten years ago. But it is still recommended to play it safe and lean towards formal wear for formal dining.

For men – classic suits or a shirt and tie are a good choice. For women – a dress/suit and classic shoes (not sandals)

2. Keep you personal items off the table

Bags, cellphones, keys and a mobile phone have no place on the table. They will clutter the table, distract your companions and complicate the job for waiters.

3. Pay up front

In order to avoid a loud debate on who should pay the bill, do it in advance. Excuse yourself from the table for a moment and discretely settle the payment.

4. Not the tight time for Instagram

It is a common trend to take pictures of your food these days and it would not surprise anyone. However, when you are dining with a client, keep the images in your memory. Unless, of course, your client him/herself initiates the picture taking.

5. Where doe the napkin go?

On your lap. If you leave the table, carefully put it on the chair. And when the meal is over, place it neatly on the left side of your plate.

6. Follow your client’s lead

Let the guest order first and order the same number of courses. This will help avoid awkward waiting and keep the meal flowing smoothly.

7. Business can wait

It is customary to not start talking shop until the entrée is finished.  Use the time for small talk, catching up or discussing food preferences.

8. Remember the basics

No elbows on the table

Cut your meat piece by piece

Butter your bread on your plate

Look into the glass when drinking and not over.

Bon Appetit!

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