Women to Run the Professional World

The lyrics of Beyoncé’s famous song “Run the world” are not really away from the reality. Hold tight, only 33% of managerial positions are held by women. Gender diversity is poor in Hong Kong but women are reversing the tendency. They are taking their revenge launching their own business. Housewives or bank officers turned into hardworking entrepreneurs eager to show that they can run a business like anybody else.


‘Make It Happen’ is the International Women’s Day 2015 theme. This slogan reflects perfectly the professional world women are working in. If your boss doesn’t want to give you the promotion you deserve, why don’t you create your own business? Join the marvellous female entrepreneurs’ club and discover how good it is to be your own boss.  In addition, Hong Kong is the place that offers a lot of opportunities to entrepreneurs.


The French lender BNP Paribas, carried out a survey based on 2,523 entrepreneurs in 17 markets (in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia). It shows that Hong Kong ranks second just after India: 45% of entrepreneurs are women. Many of them have managed to set up a flourishing business starting with nothing.

In her book untitled “Ladies Who Launch in Hong Kong”, Maseena Ziegler relates the story of 12 amazing women who launched their business and became active entrepreneurs. It has been a bestseller in Hong Kong, women have been inspired and thirst for a fresh start. If you recognize yourself reading this article, then take the plunge and make it happen. Make your dreams come true. Nobody is holding you back but yourself. All you need is more self-confidence. Who knows, you may be a female version of Steve Jobs…

Stay tuned for our upcoming female entrepreneurs gathering…

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