Xero Cloud Accounting- Your Life-Time Business Partner

Dealing with numbers in businesses are never easy. In fact, if you want to expand your business, financials data acts as critical element when making decisions. Furthermore, Xero Cloud Accounting can help you collecting sales data, issuing invoices, generating reports to help you on your daily operations.


What is XERO?

XERO is the world-leading cloud accounting software. Not only Xero allows you to review the financial performance of your company anytime but also anywhere you need. Just like all other softwares, all you need is to log in Xero account via Mac, PC, tablet or smart phone to access. Besides getting a real-time view of your cashflow, bank transaction record, invoices and expenses. Xero also support auto bank feed from DBS and HSBC as well. Then you can overview your business financial status just by tapping buttons. 


What are the XERO features?

Firstly, it’s an online accounting system. With the fast growing technology and acceptance of soft copies of documents from IRD.  Business owners only need to login online anytime and anywhere to access their real-time financial information. The system provides Direct Bank Feeds. Made easy for clients to settle bills. XERO connects to your corporate bank and automatically, as well as reconciles the information so you can keep track of how your money flows. 

Easy Invoicing with pre-set templates. Setting up with your company logo, linking payment methods and adding terms and conditions to the invoice. It also offers you to link with multiply payment gateways, including Paypal and Stripe to accept payments from all over the world. Nonetheless, the system works with multi-currencies, automatically track your gains and losses across multiple currencies. Saving you time and energy to do the conversion manually.

Image how much time you can save when your payroll can be done automatically. Undoubtedly, paying your employees on time is a MUST in any businesses. With payroll and accounting as one, it’s easy to process your payroll and pay staff insurances and MPFs. Your payroll information is automatically updated into the general ledger monthly. 

Compare to other softwares, XERO includes extensive integrations. It’s ecosystem provides access to 800+ third party business applications, like inventory and time tracking tools, letting you build a platform perfectly suited to your business needs and keeping it all in one system.

Importantly, when companies are growing the business, you can simply invite new team members, accountants, as well as auditors to work with you. By sharing a single data set on Xero makes collaboration easier. 

Last but not least, XERO automatically capture data and export information from bills and receipts. Company’s expenses and supporting document are saved neatly accordingly to the particular transaction.

XERO Integration

With more than 800 third-party apps that can be integrated with XERO, you can tailor-make your XERO experience. We’ve selected a few apps that can help you integrate your XERO account in difference aspects:

Business Management: 

  • Spotlight Reporting
  • WorkflowMax
  • Chaser
  • Hubdoc

Expenses Management: 

  • Expensify
  • Xero Expenses
  • Receipt Bank

Payment Gateway: 

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

HR Management:

  •  Talenox
  • GPayroll
  • HReasily

Inventory Management:

  • Tradegecko
  • Unleashed
  • DEAR

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