You want to row your business internationally? Centre O Business Centre are here to assist you!

Hong Kong offers a favorable environment for the development of Internet and electronic commerce. As a regional trading and services hub, Hong Kong is where commercial activities take place day and night, serving both local and foreign companies. These commercial activities are supported by Hong Kong’s excellent telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. While you having trouble register your e-business company in your home country, Centre 0 Business Centre are here to help your register your business

Some of you work in e-commerce business and use Amazon who strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. By giving customers more of what they want: low prices, vast selection, and convenience. Amazon continues to grow and evolve as a world-class e-commerce platform. However, it seems like Southeast Asia’s key problem fragmentation could be what’s stopping Amazon from marching into the region. Conquering China and India is a no-brainer since their individual population’s number more than a billion each. Southeast Asia may be huge too with a cumulative population of over 600 million people  but it is made up of pockets of different countries, and the hassle in terms of having to set up separate logistics and deal with individual legal problems may have well put Amazon off expanding in the region.

We suggest at this day, to come in Hong Kong because the barrier to entry is lower than ever. It’s feasible for most internet business owners that cannot register in their country owners get set up in Hong Kong.

If you run your business from your laptop, you can enjoy the same benefits that the rich, powerful. It’s a first step for you for making a more financially efficient company.



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