social-mediaJust as with any kind of marketing strategy, your social media marketing strategy needs to be reviewed, re-evaluated and updated. And the key player in the industry suggest doing it at least once a year.

So what trends get people talking for 2014?

1.   Diversify

Overdependence on a single platform puts you at the mercy of that platform’s whims. Take Facebook, for example.

You have probably seen the headlines about Facebook algorithm changes. According to some data, if you currently operate a brand or a business page, only 6% of followers will see your posts.

So, testing the waters, when it comes to social media marketing, is an idea for the future. Whatever happens, make sure you have options.

2.   Google +

If there is one social network to pay attention to in 2014 – it’s Google +. Specifically, because of its increasing role in organic search algorithms.

Google Plus’s direct impact on SEO rankings can not be understated. It is also the best way to access Google Authorship, which will play a HUGE role in SEO by the end of 2014.

  • Google Authorship helps the search engine to identify your content, attribute it to the author and build your online content portfolio.

In most cases, the picture of the author will appear next to their content, which dramatically increases visibility and click-through rates.

3.   Visualize your content

A booming 63% of social media comprises imagery. Visual platforms (like Pinterest and Instagram) are playing an increasingly high role in social media.

Video content is hotter than ever as well, with new players (like Vine and Instagram micro-videos) spicing up the market.

Another effective way to convey your message through imagery is infographics, which allow you to put large data portions in a simple and informative graphic form.

4.   Social media + brand image

Use brand-oriented approach to manage your social media channels.

Are the visuals of your social media accounts consistent with the rest of your visual branding? Is your account name or any other copy branded? Are you regularly filtering your status updates to ensure they’re on-message and consistent with the overall brand that you’re building? Focusing on building your brand through your social interactions should be a key focus this year.


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