Basic Business Plan

Below are 5 main points you will need to focus on to draft up a business plan.
1) What is your Business About
You will need to distinct with your idea and operations which can allow people reading the plan to know exactly what your intentions are. Are you operating locally, internationally, online, offline. Areas like these need to be stated and have detail on. Also The services you provide or the products you offer. Are you a company that consults, trades, advise, etc and how do you go about doing so.
2) Structure of the Company
This would be the strategy and tactics of your company. What resources you have. What is the organisation and purpose of your business. How you organise your operations in HK, the flexibility, your future needs, etc. How are you going to benefit the local economy and create future success.
3) Your Target Audience
Who are you targeting in terms of clients and suppliers. With clients, are you targeting nationally or internationally in a certain or specific market. Same with Suppliers. What benefits are there of doing so and explain why not doing so for others. Also note, what partnerships and emerging markets may you join. Will this create a better effect of business by doing so? Employees can also be considered, are you going to employ local or international employees, and the reasoning behind it.
4) Financial Forecast
It is always good to provide some forecasts of how your business will be like after a certain amount of time. This signifies you have a clear understanding of your operations and you can assume this will be the predicted outcome. Obviously the figures need to be realistic but you can always be optimistic. Therefore having profit and loss account / balance sheet / Accounting and Auditing report forecast helps the explanation and understanding.
5) Evidence and Presentation
It is always good to provide related documents and things which prove your business i running or that you are seriously committed to long term practice and creating a better local community and economy. For Example what platforms and items do you have for your business (E.g Social Media, physical location, websites, brochures, products, etc). General print out – screen shot – pages are helpful.
These are the Areas to consider mainly. There can always be more to add into the Business Plan as you go along and the more areas you can think of, the better. But having a basic business draft is perfect to plan for the future.
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