Alexandre de Paris’s Landmark Store

Today i went to visited Alexandre de Paris’s store in The Landmark. In an easy to find location, once stepping foot into the store, I was overwhelmed by magnificent pieces of art.a4

Every business has their own story and for this luxurious hair accessory brand it started from one man – Louis Alexandre Raiman. Owning his own hair salon in 1957, he continued onto to make many accomplishments, such as creating the hair style for the famous Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Cleopatra. In 1971 Louis founded Alexandre de Paris. These unique high quality hair accessories are hand crafted and made with precision, a leader in its industry.

When visiting the store, everything was neatly placed out; I was greeted with a warm smile, and served with exceptional service. I just loved the ambiance, for a luxury store, it made me feel welcomed in and complete class.

The Winter Collection

The Fall Winter Collection 13/14

special collection in for Chinese New Year!

special collection in for Chinese New Year!

The staffs have pride in their hair accessories and are taught simple ways to make great hairdos! For me I’m horrible at hair do’s so I was happy to get a demo, check it ! =)


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