At the moment when you really need a boost of confidence – try anchoring!


A few days ago, I was feeling a bit down and overcome with doubt and fear about a speech I had to make. So I was idling away in my office, flipping through my favourite magazine…and I came across something that changed that day for me. And I hope you may find it useful, or a least fun.

It’s a confidence-building exercise called anchoring.

How does it work?

Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Now think of the last time you felt successful. It can be a big professional achievement or a small personal triumph – just focus on the feeling. Remember every sensation, emotion, thought running through your head at that time. Then try to double this feeling. Then double again. Keep going until you feel that you are actually smiling. Pinch your left or right hand (gently!) and open your eyes.

Feel better?  But that’s not even the best part. Now you can recall those condensed feelings of success throughout the day by gently pinching your hand.

Give it a try before a job interview, important business meeting or a public speaking challenge.

It really worked for me)

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