Business Lessons To Be Learnt from The Olympics. Lesson One: Impossible Is Nothing

pole vaulr record Renaut Lavillenie

Sports and business have always had a lot in common. To be successful in both, you need stamina, will power, persistence and lots and lots of hard work.

So it is quite natural that lessons learnt from sports can help us learn new ones in business. Similarly, formidable achievements in sports are a good source of inspiration for business challenges.

So what can we learn from this year’s Olympic Games in Sochi? The lessons are numerous.

We would like to start with one of the most powerful ones.

On February 15th, a 21-year old pole vault record (set by Sergey Bubka back in 1994) was finally broken by  Renaud Lavillenie, a 27-year old Olympic champion from France.

The record was considered to be unbeatable for a long time and the event came as a shock to the athlete himself

In his interview with French News Channel BFM TV, he said: 

“I will need time to get back down on earth. It was a mythical record. I knew I had the potential to try it but [to] beat it so early, that’s something else. I did not know what was happening to me. The sound was crazy. These are huge emotions. I am in a new dimension.”

So here it is, “unbeatable” records can be broken. New ones can be set. Are you looking at an “impossible” business challenge to conquer? Just keep in mind that it can be done.

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