Business Registration Fees for Year 2020-2021

The Hong Kong Financial Secretary proposed in his 2020-2021 budget to waive business registration fees for one year.


Starting from 1st April 2020. By the proposal, the fees payable in respect of business registration certificates and branch registration certificates. That commence on or after  1st April 2020 but before 1st April 2021. As a result, the sum of $2,000 and $73 are reduced. Taking into account of the proposal, the office has not demanded the registration fee for the above period in renewal certificate and demand note for the business or branch. In summary, the levy still remains payable at $250.


Please note that the above proposal requires enactment of legislative amendments. The Legislative Council will approve or amend the relevant legislative amendment. Business Registration Office would notify the proper amount payable for the business or branch.

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