Calling All Virtual Offices Users & Lyoness Members!

To start your business off in the New Year we are happy to share that from the 20th of January to the 20th of February, Lyoness Members will receive an 11% off Centre O’s Virtual Office services! That’s a saving of $38.50 from a $350 service, which includes:

  • prestige registered address
  • professional receptionist services
  • dedicated telephone line
  • dedicated fax line
  • receipt of letters/parcels with notification via phone/email
  • office hours customised call handling
  • non-office hours customized voice to email
  • 24/7 customized voice to email
  • 24/7 unlimited fax to email
  • 8 hours free usage of conference room/ month
  • Internet usage
  • Kitchen amenities

Additional service entitlements:

  • listing of corporate signboard
  • usage of conference room
  • usage of voice conferencing
  • administrative support
  • printing/ copying
  • courier/ postage and stamps arrangement

-no hidden fees or charges-

What happens after?!

From the 21st of February onwards, Lyoness members can benefit from a 6% discount off Virtual Office’s

Are you a Lyoness member? if not come down to Centre O and sign up today! There is no membership fee, so why not?

Our operating hours are:        Mon – Fri: 08:45 – 17:45        Sat: 08:45 – 13:00

If any inquiries please feel free to contact us via email:


To find out more about Lyoness visit the website:


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