New Companies Ordinances P.5: Changes to Specified Forms

Existing forms of the Companies Registry will be replaced by new specified forms, these are denoted by the prefix ‘N’ in their form numbers for easy identification e.g. Forms NAR1, ND2A, NNC1.

Transitional Arrangements on Use of Specified Forms: The majority of existing forms will be accepted for registration during the transitional period of three months from the commencement date of the new CO but some forms have a shorter or no transitional period.

Exceptions of Transitional Arrangements: Form DR1 (Application for Deregistration), Form M2 (Memorandum of satisfaction or release of property from charge) , Form N12 (Statement of approved name for carrying on business in Hong Kong by a non-Hong Kong company), Forms NCI and NCIG (Incorporation Forms) will not be accepted for registration immediately upon commencement of the new CO, while Form M1 (Mortgage or charge details) will be accepted up to 8 weeks from the commencement date of the new ordinances.

(Changes will be effective on 3rd March 2014)

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