Can you Multi- Task??

Most of us suffer from multitasking almost daily. Once you get used to doing it, it’s almost impossible not to. It is so hard to stop multitasking because we have conditioned our mind and body to feel that thrill. Then we naturally go looking for the thrill by doing even more multitasking.

But it is hard to let go of these habits because we have conditioned our brain to send misleading signals to our body. Research has shown that when we multitask ‘successfully’, we activate the reward mechanism in our brain which releases dopamine, the happy hormone. This dopamine rush makes us feel so good that we believe we are being effective and further encourages our multitasking habit.

Here are a few ideas to help you becoming a super hero in multi-tasking:

–          Dedicate time each week to prioritizing big picture goals for the coming week, month, and quarter.

–          Use reminders to notify you of upcoming tasks due throughout the day.

–          Make it a priority to get everything done that you put on your list done each day.

–          Use your calendar as a “real time” diary of whom you call and what you do in time slots throughout the day.

–          Use your smartphone to dictate reminders, events, and tasks that need to be done as you think about them throughout the day.

Multitasking is focusing on what is important, the key to being amazing is having an amazing plan.

Just because you do more than one thing at a time doesn’t mean you are doing less than your best.

It might just mean that your big goals demand that you do more than everyone else around you.

    You can multi task like a super hero!

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