Census and Statistics Department Survey of Employment and Vacancies

Many people may ask what is Census and Statistics Department (C&SD)?  This department provide major social and economic official statistics  about companies in Hong Kong. The law governing the work of the C&SD is the Census and Statistics Ordinance ( Chapter 316). C&SD provides census of population and collection, compilation and publication of statistical information concerning Hong Kong and any matters connected therewith. The Ordinance also provides strict safeguards on the confidentiality of data pertaining to individuals.

It’s an honour when  your company has been selected to participate in the survey. Generally, large establishments and establishments engaged in selected trades have higher probabilities of being selected.The data collected will be used for compiling statistics which will not enable information relating to individual companies to revealed.

What to do with the questionnaire? 

The survey of Employment and Vacancies is mandatory under the Census and Statistics Ordinance. According to section 13(1) of the Ordinance, if you received a questionnaire from C&SD. You or others person to the best of your knowledge and belief have to complete the questionnaire in the manner specified in the questionnaire. Then you have to return the questionnaire on or before the date specified in the questionnaire. In general, 

Within the survey, it also stated the deadline of returning the completed questionnaire. If failed, a census officer of this department will contact you by telephone or in person to collect the required data.


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