Change of Registered Office Address for Hong Kong Limited Companies

Changes are never far from our door. Especially we are living in a fast pace and high rent city – Hong Kong. Due to the change of business environment or your personal issue. Probably you have considered to relocate your business or to change of registered office address.

What should you do when I need to update the Registered Office Address?

Firstly, you should notify your Company Secretary.  The Company Secretary will act on your company’s behalf to update the Business Registration Office and the Company Registry. On the application form for updating your business registration, you should state your business registration number, business name, old and new business address and the date of change.

Under the provisions of the Inland Revenue Ordinance and Company Registry Ordinance, director(s) and/ or related parties should notify the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and Company Registry Department (CR) of any change of address within one month of the event. In practice,  should you inform the IRD of any change in postal address as early as possible. Therefore, to ensure you can receive tax returns, notices of assessment and other correspondence promptly.

What other legal formalities should I inform?

Other than the Inland Revenue Department and Company Registry Department, probably you should inform your banks, clients and suppliers. In order ensure your bank statements and corresponding address is up-to-date.  When changing address at the banks, please bring / scan in your updated Business Registration as your change of Registered Office ( Business)  Address proof to your bank account manager. 

Nevertheless, if you are running business that needs specific licenses, including  Food & Beverage, Recruitment, Trademark, Education and Training license, please do not forget to update the address with them as well.

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