How to change the Name of a Hong Kong Limited Company?

Sometimes a Company Name just doesn’t work out: You thought the clever moniker you chose would truly represent your brand. However, customers didn’t make the connection. Or maybe you used your own name for your company. Now you want to change it to reflect a larger, more corporate brand.


Whom legal formalities should I inform?

Whatever your reason is, if you have to change your business name, you should first check with the Company Registry if the new one is usable or not. When it’s confirmed usable, you need to notify both the Company Registry and Business Registration Office within 1 month of the change. The same certificate number, the original and new business name will be shown on the new Certificate of Incorporation, while on the new Business Registration Certificate will show the new name with same address and same business registration number.  


What is the process?

Step 1: Have your new favourite business name

Step 2: Check if there is any rejection from the Index of company names. The intended company name must also satisfy the rules of the Company Ordinance.

Step 3: Pass a Special Resolution to change the company name

Step 4: Fill in a Company Registry form to notify of Change of Company Name. Deliver the form within 15 days after the passing of the Special Resolution in person or through the e-Registry.

Step 5: After Company Registry approved with the new name, they will inform Business Registration Officer and the new Business Registration will be sent to your Registered Office address within 7 days.


What else do I need to do?

As the Company has a new name now, we suggest client to produce a new set of Company Round and Signature Chops.

At the same time, you should also inform your Bank, Company Secretary, Clients and Suppliers as well.


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