Choosing a Christmas Gift for a Colleague? You’re Not Alone!

We all love Christmas. But let’s admit it – choosing gifts for all your friends, colleagues and family can be a tough challenge. And every year, it doesn’t get easier.

Okay, when it comes to friends and family, we have a lot of information and may have actually voiced what they want for Christmas. But when it comes to colleagues….it get even trickier.

So we thought we might throw in some ideas for fun and unconventional office gifts.

Let the countdown begin!

Do you have a colleague who likes munching away at the desk? Then how about this mini tabletop vacuum cleaner that will clean up all the crumbs and dust in a matter of minutes! They come in fun shapes and colours and are sure to light up any desk)

desk vacuum

Another fun idea) This USB Missile Launcher is perfect for resolving minor work conflicts and just  an inhouse alternative to an after-work snowball fight.

missile launcher


It is getting chilly. Especially for those of us who like keeping the windows open or working outside. So these gloves are a perfect way to keep up your productivity – just plug them into a USB post, slip in and feel the heat.

usb gloves

For the neat freak in your life, consider an Animal Screen Cleaner. Not only does the 2-inch critter hang out on the monitor, keeping desk clutter to a minimum, but it is also ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Simply pull the retractable cord and wipe the screen with the animal’s velvet belly.

screen cleaner

Do you have sports fans among your colleagues? Give them a chance to play a favourite game without leaving the office. This desktop dunk is sure to bring some competitive spirit to your office.

desk basketball

Do you have a joker in the office? Than these fun key caps would make a great  and memorable gift!

key caps

No matter what you decide to settle on, we just wanted to let you know that there are lots of great gifts out there. You just need to look around)

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