Choosing the Right Cup

Coffee is one of the most (if not simply the most) popular morning drinks in the world. A lot of us can not even imagine starting our day without it.  And with today’s array of drinks, it is more than easy to chose something to your liking. So we’ve decided to round up  some of the most popular choices with their pros and cons.

Espresso – a concise and proud drink, a true choice of connoisseurs and those looking for a quick memorable boost. This small cup is full of strong bitter flavour and caffeine magic.


Latte – lots of milk, not too much coffee. A great introductory drink and a big favourite with the ladies, non-coffee drinkers and the warm milk crowd.


Cappuccino – the definite classic of the coffee world. It features a great combination of espresso, steamed milk and foam. The first sip is softened by the gentle foam and soothing warmth of steamed milk – and then comes the coffee)


Mocha:  In this drink you have all you may ever need: chocolate, coffee, sugar, milk. Most importantly – chocolate. The signature bitter-sweet taste is addictive to say the least. Great choice for those of us who have a sweet tooth but feel too guilty about starting the morning with a cupcake.


Espresso Macchiato: It is still an espresso, but rounded off by a little bit of milk. Macchiato means “marked” and as the name  suggests the dollop of foam marks the surface.

espresso machiatto

So which drink is the best to start off your morning?

If you are a fan of milky coffees – these are the ones that are better consumed in the morning and may be too heavy for later in the day.

Espresso is great at any time when you need feel that you need more energy. But do try to limit yourself to 2 (max 3) cups a day.

Sweetened drinks (like mocha) are also better suited for the morning time, as it gives you more time to burn off those calories. But their light caffeine content also makes them a possible choice for other times of day.



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