Company Registry – Failure to Deliver Annual Return

Is your Company Secretary assisting on maintaining and up keeping your Hong Kong Limited company on time?What will happen if you do not file your Annual Return to Company Registry on time?

According to section 899 of the Company Ordinance, the Registrar will issue an official notice to a company which fail to deliver Annual Return on timely manner.  Company must response to the notice with 28 days after issued, including:

  1. Sign the Confirmation of Acceptance (Form NCO1) and pay to the Registrar the amount of HK$600; and
  2. Deliver the outstanding Annual Return (together with the requisite annual registration fee) to the Registrar for registration.


Shareholders, Ultimate Beneficially Owner and the Directors  of the company is responsible for filing the Annual Return.  If commit an offence under Company Ordinance section 622(6), upon conviction each is liable to a fine up to $50,000.  For any continuing offence, a further fine of $1,000 for per day during which the offence continues.

Any Company fails to respond to the official notice, the Registrar may consider striking the Company’s name off the Companies Register without further notice under section 744 to 746 of the Companies Ordinance.

Below, we listing out the late registration fee payable on delivery of annual return is set out as below:

More than 42days after but within 3 months after the company’s return date                     HK$  870

More than 3 months after but within 6 months after the company’s return date                  HK$ 1740

More than 6 months after but within 9 months after the company return date                    HK$ 2610

More than 9 months after the company’s return date                                                          HK$ 3480

Centre O assist our corporate clients to fill and file annual return weekly at the Company Registry, for more information please contact our Company Secretary for assistant.

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