Under Hong Kong law, there are subtle differences between Trademark Registration and Company Registration, for example, whether Company Registration protects brand or business names. In this blog, we are going to address the differences between the Companies Registry and Company Registration, and how Trademark Registration is different.

The most important difference is that Company Registration is not an indication of trademark rights. In other words, a Hong Kong business registration certificate or a certificate of incorporation does not by itself indicate that the business or company has rights to use its name or a trademark in promoting or dealing in goods and services. Company Registration only means your company is incorporated and stored in the Companies Registry. If you want a trademark, a Trademark Registration is required to obtain those rights in Hong Kong.

If you want to get the trademark rights for your company, you should complete the Trademark Registration at the Trade Marks Registry. It is important in entrepreneurship to both have the registration to run your company and to use your company’s trademark in promoting or dealing with your goods and services to develop a brand.

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