Idea Tracking

It has happened to all of us. One moment we are just running down the street for a cup of that morning coffee, and the next –  we have what feels like the best idea of a lifetime! We fly to the coffee shop developing the idea in our head and drawing up plans and then…Then we get to the office, get bombarded with emails and phone calls and somehow the idea first fades and finally winds up at the bottom of a pile of paperwork. At the end, when we get home after a busy day, all we are in the mood for is a sandwich and some quiet. Thus, our ideas (no matter how brilliant) are more often than not forgotten and left to mould quietly in the dark.

It’s a pity, isn’t it?

What if one of those ideas would have radically changed our project? Business? The world? What if after being hit by an apple, Isaac Newton received an urgent phone call and had to rush for a meeting?

So, let’s not let everyday rush get the best of us and our spontaneous creativity.

How can we make sure our ideas live on and have a chance of growing into something more?

Have a system

We all know that we have to keep record of our good ideas. The problem is they (good ideas) often catch us penless, computerless, with a flat battery or simply in the middle of a client meeting. That’s where the system comes in. Instead of jotting it down on a piece of napkin, hold on till you get access to your record keeping device of choice and do it right away. It may be a Word file, Evernote, Faceboom post or good old-fashioned notebook. Just make sure you keep a way and stick to it. This way you will have a clear view if all your amazing thought process at the end of the month .

Get the good ones

You may have a lot of interesting ideas, but let’s admit it – not all of them will or should be acted upon or have the potential to become real businesses. Have a selection process, based on feasibility and note down the ideas you really plan to act upon.

Make it a habit

It may be hard at first, but once you truly get into the habit of keeping these records – it will become a natural and very useful way of making your dreams come true.

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