Easily Get Bills and Receipts into XERO via HubDoc

To sumHubDoc is a data capture tool that extracts key data from a company’s financial documents. Then publishes these account transactions in XERO. It allows users to upload their financial documents through multiple means. For example, email, manually upload, or imported via third-party automated features.

HubDoc is one of the popular apps for XERO. As it automates the manual bookkeeping tasks like entering bills and receipts. Making it easy to match transactions to the XERO bank feed. Also giving you a better view of how your business is doing. 

What are the features? 

Capture bills and receipts

Making it easy to capture bills and receipts by email, mobile, desktop or even via a scanner. As a result, they are all storing online, in one place. 

Automate data entry

The system automatically extracts the key information from each bill or receipt. So, it’s ready to copy into XERO with the original document attached. 

Seamlessly match transactions with your bank feed

HubDoc syncs the data from your bills and receipts to XERO as accurately categorised transactions. The transactions can be easily matched with your bank feed so you have up-to-date financial figures. 

Access verified financial data

Every reconciled XERO transaction has a source document attached. So, you can verify the data and know the financials are accurate. Also the information is up-to-date for easy compliance and valuable business insights. 

Why Use HubDoc?

In summary, HubDoc is the ideal solution for businesses. In any cases, when needing multiple parties to contribute to the management of their accounting and bookkeeping systems. Users can invite their accountants, bookkeepers, or other team members to utilize HubDoc. As this platform can sync with multiple platforms, such as XERO and Dropbox. Users will have a consolidated platform to view and record all their necessary financial information.

Most importantly, HubDoc can simplify the audit processes for a business. As HubDoc continues to automatically import, extract, and store uploaded files. Users no longer have to worry about maintaining physical documents. During an audit, these features will allow businesses to efficiently search through all their documents. And decreasing the time required for auditors to complete their audit process. 

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