Expat getting married in Hong Kong? No Problem!


Once we meet that special someone, a lot of us start looking forward to planning a wedding and saying the vows. But before that, there comes the legal issue of registering your love. And if you are an expat, you may find yourself wondering as to how to make it happen in Hong Kong.

Actually, it is fairly simple.

Under the laws of Hong Kong, you will have to go through the following legal procedures:

  • Either one of you has to give a Notice of Intended Marriage (the notice) to the Registrar of Marriages (the Registrar) in the prescribed form either directly or through a civil celebrant of marriages.
  • The Registrar shall exhibit Part I of the notice in his office until the issue of a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages or the expiry of the 3-month period.
  • The Registrar may, at least 15 days after the giving of a notice, issue a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages to enable you to celebrate your marriage within three months from the date of notice giving if all the statutory requirements are met.
  • A marriage has to take place at a marriage registry by a Registrar; or in a licensed place of worship by a competent minister or at any other place in Hong Kong by a civil celebrant of marriages.

 If the marriage does not take place within three months after the giving of the notice, the notice and all proceedings thereupon shall be void. You have to give another notice before getting married.

Once that is solved, you are free to plan any festivities to your liking: whether it is a small party with friends and family, a fancy banquet on a yacht or a trip away from it all. But no matter where you choose to be on your special day – make sure love is all around)

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