Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has posted an Employer’s Return of Remuneration and Pensions to every company. No matter if the employers have employed employees or not, the employers have the obligation to response to IRD within 14 days by filling out the Employer’s return form.

What is the outcome if you have not filed your Employer’s Return Form?

If you have not filed your Employer’s Return, then you will get your company into trouble. The failure to submit the returns within the time specified. It means you offended the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The offence may result in prosecution and render you liable to a highest fine of HK$10,000.

What if you have no employees?

Although , you do not have any employee, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the filing. You are still required to tick the Box “NO” in the Return. Then sign and file the Employer’s Return Form to IRD.

Can you can submit electronically?

Sure, you can file the Employer’s Return via e-Filing under eTAX system. Once you have filed the Return successfully, you will receive an instant acknowledgement from the system. So, e-filing can save you time and convenient.

What if you mis-locate the Employer’s return form?

If you need duplicate Employer’s Return, you can simply visit the Inland Revenue Department to ask a duplicate print.

Last but not the least, if IRD is not able receive your submission within next 14 days from the letter issue date. IRD will take further action to apply penalties to your company without further notice.

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