Quarantine Policy

Under the implementation of 3+4 COVID quarantine rules, travellers arriving from overseas or Taiwan need to spend 3-day in a quarantine hotel. And 4-days in their own accommodation under medical surveillance. During those 4 days, they must conduct rapid antigen test (RAT) tests. Yet, they can visit their workplaces and shops for essentials, but excludes from public venues such as restaurant.

3 Colour Code System

Hong Kong Government is using LeaveHomeSafe app as a tool to monitor the spread of COVID. The app consists of 3 colour: Blue-Amber-Red. While travellers are under medical surveillance. The app will assign am amber code.

Quarantine Arrangement in Hong Kong

B2B Exhibition

Amber code supposed not allow to enter exhibition centre. Since 25th August 2022. The amber code holder is allowed to participate in Business-to-Business (B2B) conferences and exhibitions. Then the participants must pre-registered and wear a mask during the B2B event.

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