Found Your Dream Job in Hong Kong? What’s the next step?


So you got that dream job in Hong Kong. Congratulations. This modern vibrant city offers wonderful career opportunities for hardworking professionals like yourself. But before you can embark on this exciting journey, make sure your visa is in order.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply for an employment visa in Hong Kong:

  • An application form ID 990, with relevant parts duly completed and signed;
  • A copy of the sponsor’s Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation and / or Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association;
  • Financial standing of the sponsor / sponsor’s company (income tax return, trading profit and loss account, profit tax return);
  • Company staff list with salary offered and position held and list of expatriate staff previously or currently recruited from overseas;
  • A copy of the applicant’s service contract or letter of appointment with details of post, salaries and benefits;
  • Full description of the applicant’s post;
  • Details, with proof, of applicant’s academic qualifications and experience relevant to the post, e.g. copies of diplomas, certificate and testimonials;
  • A letter, with supporting proof from the employer (if possible), stating the reason why the post cannot be filled locally;
  • If the applicant is to replace someone already working in Hong Kong, the personal particulars and his whereabouts (if know) should be given;
  • If the applicant is to fill a new post, explain why his / her services are essential;
  • Evidence of the applicant’s past residence in Hong Kong (if any).

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