1.    Anti-theft Lunch Bags with (mold prints)

Surely, we’ve all been through the disappointing moments of looking into the office fridge in search you brought this morning and discovering that it is no longer there.

Avoiding this is easy with these anti0theft lunch bags!

Anti-theft lunch bags


 2.  Magnetic Pebbles

A great way to get rid of the clutter on your desk …or at least make it more creative)

Magnetic Stones


3.  Jellyfish Aquarium

Want to fancy it up? Here you go. We bet there will be no one in your office or the nearest building sporting this exotic jellyfish tank.

jellyfish tank


4. Aromatherapy USBs

Remember our blog about aromatherapy at the office? Well, there is not an easy solution for getting your office space to smell heavenly. Here it is!

aromatherapy usb

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