gluten free

Following our recent series of gluten blogs, we were really happy to find this and hope you’ll be too!

We mentioned earlier how hard it may be for people with celiac disease to dine out in search for gluten-free foods.

Well, it may be getting easier. A San Francisco-based startup 6SensorLabs is developing a portable sensor that can detect gluten in food.

The sensor relies on technology that can quickly detect food proteins, giving future users a lab-quality test that they can stick in their bags or pockets. “Our goal is make something that just looks really beautiful that you would be proud to take out at the dinner table. The size is probably half the size of an iPhone, a little bit thicker. Every day we’re working on shrinking that size and putting some beautiful industrial design around it, so it’s something you enjoy using,” said Sundvor, company CTO. The plan is to make the sensor available to consumers sometime next year

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