Lining up to go through the immigration is always headache when travelling. As you may need to spend up to 2 hours to the immigration officer booth. However, if you have enrolled for the E-Channel service. Then you can save your time and go through the immigration at an ease.

Are you eligible to enrol the E-Channel Service?

You may eligible to enrol for the e-Channel service if fulfilling the following criteria:

1/ Aged 18 or above;

2/ Holding a valid travel document and where appropriate, valid multiple visit visa;

3/ Holding one of the following valid documents:

– HKSAR Travel Pass;

– APEC Business Travel Card with ‘HKG’ printed on the reverse side; or

– Frequent Flyer Programme membership card issued by airlines which have joined this scheme (please enquire with airlines for details).

4/ For passenger not holding one of the documents mentioned in item (3) above:

– Holding a valid travel document which is not required to have entry visa / permit for entering the HKSAR; and

– Has made visits to the HKSAR via the Hong Kong International Airport for no fewer than 3 times in the past 12 months immediately before enrolment for the e-Channel service.

5/ No adverse record in the HKSAR

Where to enrol?

You can enrol for the E-Channel service free of charge at E-Channel Enrolment Offices. The offices are located at the Immigration Headquarters and the Hong Kong International Airport.

What documents you have to prepare?

At the enrolment, you have to present your

-valid HKSAR Travel Pass, APEC Business Travel Card or Frequent Flyer Programme membership card,

-valid travel document and a multiple visit visa (if applicable), sign an enrolment notice, with fingerprints and photograph taken and have a bar-code sticker affixed to the enrolled travel document.

If there are any changes in the enrolment information, you need to update the changes in person at an Enrolment office. Otherwise, you are not able to use the E-Channel service.

For further information, please contact us.

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