How Do You Go About Changing Your Hong Kong Employment Visa Sponsorship at Immigration Tower?

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Remember how in one of our blogs we mentioned that if you want to change an employer in Hong Kong, you will need to change your visa sponsorship? We would now like to go back to that in more details.

Once again: if you have left your current employer or planning to do so, you need to undergo a change of sponsorship application.

If you are seeking to work for another employer, you have to pass the employment visa approvability test.

If you are seeking to work for yourself – or in partnership with someone else – you have to pass the investment visa approvability test.

Take a look at the complete step-by-step instructions on doing this here.

To start your application you have to submit your application on the 5th floor residents section of Immigration Tower with the correct application forms and expect the process to take between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. It could also take longer, depending on the quality of your application, the length of time you have previously resided in Hong Kong and whether or not you have breached your conditions of stay in any way.

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