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Posting interesting and useful updates can be a great treat for your clients and help out with your Google search rankings.

So how often should you update? Different ruleas apply to different companies, industries and social media. But the majority of experts agrees on the following breakdown:

Facebook – 3-4 times a day.

Twitter – around 7 times a day

LinkedIn – 3-4 times a week

Instagram – Around 1-2 times a day

Businesses are also encouraged to invest time in analysing their clients’ habits, as these rule are by far not universal and a tailored approach would work wonders for your company.

So, pay attention to your clients’ social media activity. Which of the posts get the most likes? As what times are your clients most active online? If you are willing to seriously commit to the task, making a chart of your clients’ online activity on different social media pages would help you have perfect timing on your posts.

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