You’ve passed your test, been 7 years a solicitor, and gotten your letter? Now it’s time to begin the application process by requesting your Letter of No Objection. No, you can’t just apply to become a Notary Public. First, you have to state your case to the Society of Notaries that you’re fit to even try.

The Letter of No Objection

First, you need proof of all your hard work.

Go to the Roll of Solicitors for your Certificate of Standing (that’ll be another HK$3000), and the Registrar of the High Court for your Registrar’s Certificate (a cool HK$125).

Include your Letter of Support and another HK$3000 fee, as well as a Statutory Declaration stating that you have never been suspended from working as a solicitor nor have you ever been charged with “an offence involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude”, either in Hong Kong or abroad.


Once you have all those documents ready to go, use this affidavit form to compile all the information you’ve just included. Send all those documents and along with the Formal Application to the address listed in the application, and, finally, you have all the documents you need to apply. There’s one more step.

The Society of Notaries

While straightforward, this step is a costly one. Simply use this form to apply for membership once you’ve gotten your Letter of No Objection… and enclose HK$50000, HK$59000 if you’re planning to practice in 2018.


The Application

At last, you’re ready to submit your application. Submit this form, and if your application is accepted (and there is some element of subjectivity that the reviewer is granted) you are officially appointed as a Notary Public.


Don’t start your practice, though. You still need your practicing certificate. Centre O will cover that at a later date. Until then, congratulations!

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