If you are using a DBS account, you can link your account to XERO and have your transactions to be reconciled automatically every 24 hour. This way, you can check your invoices’ status to see whether payment has been received or not on your DBS Account.

To connect your DBS account, you should:

1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts, then either;
• Click Add Bank Account then start typing ‘DBS’, and select DBS (HK) Bank from the list
• Click Get Bank Feeds to connect an existing account.
2. Click Login & Connect Accounts.
3. Enter your Organisation ID, User ID, PIN and Security Access Code, then click Login To Authorise 3rd Party.
4. Select the checkbox to confirm that you’ve read the Terms and Conditions, then click Authorise Xero.
5. Next to each bank account, click Connect to a Xero bank account. Then select either the matching bank account in Xero, or New bank account in Xero to create a new bank account.
6. Click Connect.

Once connected, your bank transactions will take 24 hours to import into Xero.

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