Think about the ads that caught your eye recently. Why did you notice them?

Most of us would say: well, because they were different. And yet when it comes to

our own business ads, we often prefer to play it safe.

So what makes your ad language stick?

1. Don’t get too technical (avoid specific terms or professional lingo, that your

customers will probably not understand)

2. But show that you now what you are talking about (give a few helpful tips or

recommendations that your customers will appreciate)

3. Be a rebel when it comes to language (don’t be afraid to break the rules,

when your message may benefit it. Sometimes, defying grammar and spelling

can bring about the most memorable slogans)

4. Brand your language (create a distinctive style and vocabulary for your

products, inviting customers into your own world. Your ads will stand out

AND empower your brand with your one-of-a-kind writing).

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