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We all come to Hong Kong with a big dream – the dream to make a better life for ourselves and our loved-ones, build a business, make a successful investment or make this exciting city our permanent home. Like most dreams worth having, this one may not be easy. That’s why, it is crucial to have advisors and guidance on your way to dreamland.

One of the key steps to your Hong Kong future is figuring out how long you want to stay and what visa is the best choice. Business Investment Visa is a popular one. But what does it take to apply? How much will it cost? What documents will you need? All these questions and more will be answered in our next event by centre o!

How to go about applying for a Hong Kong business investment visa without paying for any professional help?

We will tell you on AUGUST 12th from 7 to 9 PM @centre o!

This 30-minute talk was broken down into 24 very easy-to-digest segments, listed below and is designed to allow the D-I-Y visa applicant to use the 100% free resources of both the Hong Kong Visa Handbook as well as the Hong Kong Visa Geeza Blog.

In the meantime, why not sign up for the event by RSVP to

ATTENTION: Only 12 seats left!

The Complete Series
1 – Introduction
2 – Relax & Enjoy The Talk

3 – Order of Business
4 – 10 Must Have Resources
5 – The Policy of It All
6 – Who Doesn’t Have a Visa Problem?
7 – The Pathway for Mainlanders
8 – What Can You Do as a Visitor?
9 – Employee or Investor?
10 – Investment Visa Approvability Test
11 – Three Pillars of Approval
12 – How Much Cash Investment?
13 –  Catch 22
14 – What About Your Family?
15 – Why Do Cases Get Denied?
16 – Trying Again?
17 – 10 Must Use Resources
18 – 10 Must  Use Resources (Infographic)
19 – 10 Must Use Resources (Visa Factsheet)
20 – 10 Must Use Resources (Application Plan)
21 – 10 Must Use Resources (Case Studies)
22 – 10 Must Use Resources (Templates)
23 – 10 Must Refer Resources (All Good Stuff!)
24 – Your Questions Answered

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