How To Type Faster and Improve Productivity in Five Easy Steps. Step I.


We live in a world when speed is everything. We are encouraged to be more productive and efficient.

Completing certain deadlines often feels like Mission Impossible and even after putting in extra hours at work, skipping lunch and missing out on a lot of your social life, we still feel like we are falling behind.

As most of our projects involve lots of creative thinking, we believe that spending too much time on something as routine as typing can be a huge time-waster. But it can be easily avoided and  And here’s how!

We have compiled a number of steps to help you type faster. Behold, Step One:

Step One: Get Rid of Bad Typing Habits

This one is not easy, as it means changing the typing method you’ve been using since you first saw the keyboard.

If you are an FPS (First Person Shooter) gamer, you may be placing your left hand on WASD keys. While others may type with only two fingers, hovering over ten or more keys. And even though you may be actually typing fast, breaking the habit immediately will really help you.




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