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I received an email today from one of my favourite women in business magazine. And was instantly captured by one of the topics – handling email unsubscriptions.

I think most of us a familiar with the feeling… You spend days thinking about the right way to phrase it, weeks choosing the most clever, yet funny pictures, dive deep into your creative spirit for the most hilarious jokes…and then you SEND it – your beautiful perfect little newsletter!

You hold your breath for a few minutes (okay, seconds) and then check the stats. And…oh, the HORROR! Somebody has unsubscribed. How could they do that? How can they think my carefully planned, tailored and just ever-so-cute email does not deserve even a few minutes of their time!

Happenings like these can throw you into the well of self-doubt for months to come, questioning not only your writing style and newsletter concept, but even your whole business approach.

But we shouldn’t. Why?

Simply because that has a “stopping” or even “paralyzing” effect. All the time you spend thinking and worrying about it is the time you DON’T spend focusing on you’re your business and even writing the next newsletter.

So focus on the good stuff. You will probably meet a number of mean comments, critical remarks, rejections and all other “NO”s on your business journey. Take them, acknowledge them, use them to get stronger and better. But never let them stop you.

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