As professionals, we tend to pride ourselves on being busy. It’s not surprising, since the busier we are – the more in demand we are. But in all this blissful business, we often forget about such basic needs as food and water. How often in the past month have you missed breakfast or run out of the house with just a cup of coffee? And what about having “a quick lunch on the go” which often brings you to the same fast-food restaurant?

The truth is, nutrition is important – it influences our focus, productivity, decision-making and mood. So taking a few extra precautions to make sure you get a healthy supply of nutrients during the day should be a priority.

–       Start by having breakfast. Not just a coffee on the go, but an actual serving of carbs and proteins. If you are really short of time, keep a bunch of bananas or nuts on the kitchen counter for a quick morning bite.

–       Drink water instead of coffee. Surely, a cup of coffee or two is a great during the day. But there is a difference between two and seven. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and hydrate regularly. We often tend to reach for a coffee or soda when we feel thirsty, when a sip of cool water with lime would do the task so much better.

–       Set a timer if you tend to forget to eat. Every time it beeps, know that you will need to spend some time to replenish your energy. And never look at eating as a waste of time – quite the contrary – a healthy calmly-taken meal is just as important (or perhaps more) than a key business meeting.


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