Love to talking about your business? Put it to good use – create a Podcast!


In recent years businesses have been encouraged by each and every marketing expert to produce CONTENT: newsletters, blogs, social media activity, personalized emails and so on to help you engage the customer and create a loyal fan base. And it works.  So why try podcasting?

It allows you to reach your customers on a different, more personal level. You will stay with them once they leave the office, when they are driving or just relaxing at home. Your content should also be more personal: talk to your customers, give a few helpful tips, funny stories, interesting experiences or just personal recommendations. Let them hear the voice of your company and the story behind your success. As the old saying goes: “Facts Tell, Stories Sell”.

For details on how to set up your very own podcast on iTunes, go to

And stay tuned for part two of this blog!


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