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We all want to look good in our real and virtual lives. And recently, our virtual loves have become a tint more important.

We update our profiles, take professional pictures, fish for interesting quotes and status updates to make sure our ideas are liked, shared and spread.

Don’t our businesses deserve the same mild obsession?

How do you see your business? I am sure it’s not just numbers, balance sheets and reports. For you it’s your team, your office, your mission, colours in your logo and more. So let this personality come out online. Your website and social media account offer plenty of chances to make that happen, as long as provide facts and data for your clients.

Choose IMAGES that carry the message and spirit of your business. Hire a photographer to take fun quality pictures of  your team.

Think of COLOURS that you associate with your company, the colours that inspire you and your clients. Try different shades of your corporate colours and don’t be afraid to experiment

No matter what are you work in, reliability and productivity are the key elements. So make sure it applies to your website. Every link, share button and menu item MUST work. So make it a habit to check your website for glitches and broken links.

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