When you are going to pick a company name in Hong Kong, you must pre-check the intended is suitable for registration. Otherwise, the registration might be rejected. Resulting filing a new application and paying again.

Reasons for needing approval before registration from the registar?

You may need approval before registration if:

The name gives the impression that the company is connecting in any way with the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Central People’s Government or any government agency or department. The Registrar will approve of such a company name only where the company has a genuine connection with the government. Otherwise you cannot use such words as “Government”(政府), “Department”( 部 門 ), “Bureau”(局), “Authority”(委員會), “Council”(議會), or “Commission”(公署).“

If the name contains any such words or expressions that are specified in the Companies (Words and Expressions in Company Names) Order (Cap. 622A). For example, ‘chamber of commerce’, ‘kaifong’, ‘levy’, ‘trust’, ‘trustee’.

If you use a name that is similar to a name for which the Registrar has notified a name change under the Companies Ordinance (Sections 108, 109, or 771). The Registrar may require a change of name under sections 22 or 22A of the predecessor Ordinance.

If the Registrar finds that the name misleads about the nature of the company’s activities. Then it might not be in public interest, they may call for a name change within the specified period.

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