New Employment Scheme for Startup Entrepreneur in Dongguan, China

Dongguan Local Government confirmed to launch a New Employment Scheme to support the new startup entrepreneur during the Covid 19. The scheme is to provide a one-off financial support to the new startup company to have new employment.

Is your Company Eligible for the Scheme?

  • New established company, registered within 3 years in Dongguan, China
  • All shareholders are legal representatives

What are the Application Criteria?

  • New staff with 1-year or above employment contract;
  • Continuing contribution for 6 months social insurance
  • During the application, the staff is still working with the applicant company.
  • The same employee is eligible for once within 12 months.

How to calculate the New Employment Allowance?

  • New Employment for less than 3 staff: RMB2000 each
  • New Employment for more than 4 staff: RMB3000 each
  • The maximum allowance is RMB30,000 per company

What information the Startup have to submit?

  1. The ID card copy of the Legal Representative (Both original and photocopy);
  2. The ID card copy of the Staff (Both original and photocopy);
  3. Employment Contract (Both original and photocopy);
  4. The first page of Company Account Bank Book with account details (Photocopy)
  5. Application Form
  6. A list of New Employee details: Full Name, Date of Employment, Position

What is the application procedure?

Prepare and gather all required information, then submit the application to the Human Resources Services Centre in your selected location in person. The officer in the centre will take care of your application and send for departmental approval. Once the application is approved, the allowance will transfer to the company bank account. 

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