A few blogs back we talked about how working from home can bring about the feeling of isolation. And with the increasing number of remote-working, freelancing and independent startups, finding the answer to that issue is ever-important.

And according to a certain number of studies, for the moment being, co-working seems to be the best one.

Indeed, the psychological benefits of co-working are real. According to Deskmag’s latest annual survey on coworking : 71 percent of respondents said their creativity had increased since joining, and 62 percent said their standard of work had improved. Countering the common claim that coworking spaces can be distracting, 68 percent said they were able to focus better, while 64 percent said they could complete tasks on time.

Hong Kong, being one of the busiest business centres in the world, is no stranger to the scarcity of office space and high lease prices, driving young independent professionals to look for alternative options. This is exactly why we believe that O Connect is here at the right time, providing you with all the benefits a co-working space can offer.

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