PRODUCTIVE OFFICE AND DAYLIGHT AT O CONNECT #oconnect #Sheungwanoffice #officedesignhongkong

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Even though, most of us just need “a laptop and somewhere to sit” to make work happen, creating a stimulating working environment goes far beyond selecting carpets and wall colours and some elements definitely come as more important than others.

With O Connect, we paid a lot of attention to daylight, open space and windows.

Why daylight?

Recent studies from Cornell University, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and numerous experiments have shown that “exposure to light and dark patterns is one of the most important aspects influencing a person’s natural circadian rhythm, affecting everything from sleep and physical movement to mental well-being”.

Having access to daylight in the office will make you more productive, happy and improve your overall health. Not to mention, you will get to enjoy great views of our beautiful city, which in itself, is a great source of inspiration!


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