Freelancing can be a lonely business, which for some is its appeal. But what if you love company?

Here’s were co-working spaces come in. You can still work perfectly on your own with focus and concentration, and yet enjoy all the benefits of a friendly office buzz and possibly new clients.

Networking comes as an important co-working benefit for freelancers. You may get referred to those in need of your services or even find work within the office walls.

Other benefits may come in more hidden format. If you get stuck on a project, you may ask your fellow co-workers for help. Friendly chants by the water cooler may give you new ideas and the success of those around you may be a strong of inspiration for a new undertaking.

Did we mention that will not have to worry about office supplies, coffee and any other administrative hassle?

So, let’s sum up. As a freelancer, choosing a co-working mode will get you:

–       new friends, contacts and potential clients

–       professional working environment with a friendly buzz

–       central location in Hong Kong, perfect for versatile lunch breaks and amazing city views

–       creative resources and inspiration

–       modern office equipment

and….unlimited coffee!

Sounds perfect? It probably is! Email us to learn more at sales@centreo.hk

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