RISE Hong Kong is July 8-12 in the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre! Hosted by Web Summit, RISE is the premier tech, business, and startup conference in Asia, and features three days and nights of intense networking and talks.
Speakers come from some of the most prestigious companies and organizations in their fields from all over the world, including Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, Bo Zhang, CTO and co-founder of Didi Chuxing, and Brad Smith, President of Microsoft.

Networking is 24/7 at RISE Hong Kong, but the talks are separated into distinct conferences to best suit your company’s interests and goals during the conference.


Software is changing. How will developers and engineers adjust to the new world of open source, mobile, and cloud-based coding? Amazon, Microsoft, Github, Stack Overflow, Baifendian, Cisco, UPS, Akamai, Pivotal, and Reddit intend to explore answers. Featured topics are Dev Ops, Open Source software, web development, and the rise of mobile computing.

FullSTK takes place on the first day of the conference.


Big data is getting bigger and getting bigger faster. This conference discusses the new opportunities data presents us, and the ethical problems of having too much. Representatives from Amazon, Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Github, and Baifendian will weigh in. Also attending are Pivotal, Cisco, Akamai, UPS, and Reddit. Featured topics are data science, machine learning, the IoT, the beauty of data, distributed computing, and data ownership and security.

binate.io takes place on the first day of the conference.


Design impacts our world in a silent way, and this conference is for the artists and creatives who are changing it. Designers and executives from Ideo, Adobe, Wolff Olins, Behance, Pentagram, Giphy, imgur, r/ga, frog, and lego will be attending to discuss the intersection of technology, business, and design.

creatiff takes place on the first day of the conference.

Panda Conf

Great products thrive or fail with marketing. This conference brings some of the most successful marketers from a variety of industries to let tell their stories. Companies attending include Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, booking.com, airbnb, IBM, GM, Datasift, LinkedIn, and Yandex. Featured topics include advertising excellence, marketing platforms, adtech vs martech and b2b vs b2c marketing.

PandaConf takes place on the first day of the conference.

Talk Robot

AI is making dramatic waves in every facet of tech. This conference examines ethics and uses in a highly intelligent modern world. Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, MIT, Intel, Google, UBTECH, Mobovi, Meitu, and the Future of Life Insitute will be attending. Featured topics include ethics, new frontiers, and robotics.

Talk Robot takes place on the second day of the conference.

Money Conf

Cryptocurrencies aren’t the only technology currently shaking up fintech. This conference is dedicated to examining how banks, investment, and payments will change in this increasingly online era. Rub shoulders with old players in the field like HSBC, VISA, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, AXA, and Mastercard, and with the companies shaking up the industry, like Stripe, Square, PayPal, and WeChat. Featured topics include payments, credit and lending, banking, investment, and, of course, cryptocurrency.

MoneyConf takes place on the second day of the conference.


This conference analyzes how cars and cities can get smarter, and the challenges we face when our worlds get too connected. On the auto side, companies like Daimler, BMW, Aston Martin, and Volkswagen will be attending. Uber, DiDi, and Grab bridge the gap to the robotics/technology component, whose attendance includes Amazon, DJI, and UBTECH. Featured topics are drones, the Internet of Things (IoT), automated cars, and wearable tech.

AutoTech takes place on the second day of the conference.

Growth Summit

Discover how the fastest growing companies around managed their breakneck pace and network with the startups who aim to match them. Meet successful startups like Uber, Instagram, Nest, Stripe, Trello, and Twitter, and financing companies that made them happen, like Sequoia, Y Combinator, Kickstarter, and Foundation Capital. Featured topics include Starting your Startup, venture capitalists, scaling, internal and external communications, and dealing with competition.

Growth Summit takes place on the third day of the conference.

SaaS Monster

SaaS is a big field and the only way to keep up is to be informed. This conference brings the biggest names from many industries to discuss the SaaS model and its future. Companies attending include EMC², Atlassian, Oracle, Amazon, Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft, Asana, Facebook, and Qualtrics. Featured topics include big data, cloud computing, security, and the next generation of SaaS.

Saas Monster takes place on the third day of the conference.

Startup University

RISE Hong Kong is a startup-star studded event, giving the attendees of this conference a unique opportunity to hear from success stories, and how they made it.

Startup University takes place on the third day of the conference.


It’s your opportunity to ask CEOs of some of the biggest names in tech any question you want. Attending speakers include CEOs from GoDaddy, 9Gag, Trivago, and 1More, and partners from ZhenFund and GGV Capital.

Pub and Night Summit

Networking is an important part of RISE, and over drinks is the best way to connect. Come with RISE to hit the hottest bars and pubs in Hong Kong. Pub and Night Summit take place every night of the conference, including the night of July 9th!


RISE Hong Kong is a great opportunity for startups, established companies, and investors alike. Its culture of innovation makes it a must visit event in Hong Kong his July!

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