With millions of books and articles written on leadership, courses offered and

movies filmed, we have come to think of a LEADER as of some sort of superhuman,

who is always right, who inspires people all around and is often simply born that


A recent piece on looks deeper into the course of this idea and

helps to “humanize” a leader.

1. Leaders are not born
Contrary to popular belief, even if you are born with a predisposition to lead, you
will still need to work hard to get the skillset required for a good leader.
A young person who is 6’6″ might have the predisposition to play basketball, but he
or she still needs to learn the skills before they can play successfully.

2. Leaders do not always know the right answers
But they can and do know hot to ask the right questions and where to go for the
best answers. The idea of a confident know-it-all has little to do with real life

3. Leaders are not ambitious
At least not in the popular sense of the word. If what you do benefits only one
person – you – this is not leadership. True leaders aim to create “the greater good”,
which will benefit many around them and perhaps even for generations to come.
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