Tips for your Business to Come Alive on Facebook

whattopostDo you feel your Facebook page is getting overlooked, or next to none interaction?

When you post updates and images, do you think about what customers may find interesting? How you will communicate with them? What you want them to perceive about your business?

Here are some tips that can help your company get more likes, comments, shares and hopefully business bustling.

Be Authentic – give an opening where people can get to know you, not just the black and white About page of your business. Share what excites you, put a bit of personalisation into the business to build a relationship with the viewers.

Be Consistent – Post regularly, and also qualitatively. You can use Facebook insights to work out when people are online the most, giving more opportunity to connect with people and build up trust.

Add Value – think out of the box, look for other ways or experiences that would make your post more intriguing than quotes or memes that have been shares countless times already.

Do What Works – replicate your success on post that get the most engagement

Engage – reply comments, make post that invite answers or open discussions, show that your business is open ended and welcoming to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Experiment with different kinds of post, see what your audience prefers, pictures or useful links? It’s all about trial and error, you never know until you try! Happy Facebooking!



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