Top Ten Business Shows for Entrepreneurs (or some ideas for a rainy weekend)

We all try to be as productive and efficient as we possibly can. Yet, an evening on the couch in front of the TV is sometimes something we really need. And if that’s the case, why not make it useful, as well as relaxing?

Here’s a list of business shows that we thought you might find interesting.

  1. How I Made My Millions

How I Made My Millions

This show is a must-watch for startups, as it features the lives of everyday people who went from “just an idea” to a million dollar business. For instance, one of the stories follows Maribeth Sanford, who started putting logos on shopping bags and now makes $40 million per year with her design company.

 2. Techstars TV


Techstars is an incubator programme for tech startups. In addition to getting $18 million in venture funding, these young companies are now seen across the globe as they fight their way to success.

3. This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups

Check out for this one. Investor and CEO of Malhalo, Jason Calacanis interviews the hottest current tech startups. These hour-long interviews will surely give you food for thought and you may pick up on some ideas on presenting your business as well.

4. The Office

The Office

We all need a good laugh once in a while. True, it may no be the most informative business show and you will not need your pencil and notebook for this one. However, this show has something that all of us can relate to: the good, the bad and the ugly of the everyday office life.

 5. The Apprentice

The Apprentice

We are sure you’ve heard of this one. Not so much because of the serious business background behind it, but mostly for the dramatic outbreaks of the scary and yet charismatic Donald Trump. The show is fun, easy-to-watch and offers an insight into the harsh decision-making of the real estate mogul.

6. The Rise to the Top

Rise to The Top

The author of “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper” David Garland runs his web show  “The Rise to the Top” with contagious enthusiasm. David has interviewed over 250 business people and each show has a strategic lesson to learn (f.e. how Diamond Candles went from 0-40 000 Facebook followers in 8 months)

 7. Mixergy


Mixergy features full length interviews with successful entrepreneurs from the founders of Wikipedia – Kiva and Groupon.  It is a great chance to dig deep into the new models and strategies behind successful businesses across the world.

 8. Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Shark Tank, as the name suggests, is all about cutthroat businessmen and investors.

It goes like this: entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors who make a decision on the spot whether or not to fund the business. As we said – cutthroat. The show gives the audience a good idea on how equity deals work, while entertaining them with the arrogance of the investors and, at times, ignorant hopefulness of the entrepreneurs.

9. The Big Idea

The Big Idea with Dinny Deutsch

Despite being off the air since 2008, this show, hosted by Donny Deutsh, is a classic! Donny (the founder of one of the top advertising agencies) brings energy and experience to the screen. The show brands itself as “Your Toolkit to Success” and definitely offers valuable business advice.

 10. How to Make it in America

How to Make it in America

This HBO hit series, produced by Mark Wahlberg, is similar to Entourage, if the characters were broke.

In this one, the main characters are working on starting a fashion line from zero, while New York becomes a character of its own, bringing them challenges, opportunities and fun moments all at once.

So get the popcorn and start watching


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