What is a Hong Kong representative office?


Where an overseas company, i.e. a company incorporated outside Hong Kong, establishes a place of business in Hong Kong, this is a representative office. The setting up of a representative office in Hong Kong by an overseas company is governed by Part XI* of the Companies Ordinance.
Provisions as to Establishment of Place of Business in Hong Kong
332. Application of Part XI
333. Documents etc. to be delivered to Registrar by oversea companies which establish a place of business in Hong Kong
333A. Continuing obligation in respect of authorized representative
333B. Termination of registration of authorized representative
333C. Registrar to keep an index of directors of oversea companies
334. (Repealed)
335. Return to be delivered to Registrar where documents, &c. altered
336. Accounts of oversea company
337. Obligation to state name of oversea company, whether limited and country where incorporated
337A. Notice of commencement of liquidation and of appointment of liquidator
337B. Regulation of use of corporate name by oversea company in Hong Kong
338. Service of documents on oversea companies
339. Notice to be given when oversea company ceases to have a place of business in Hong Kong
339A. Removal etc. of name of oversea company from register
340. Penalties
341. Interpretation of Part XI

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